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Press Releases

Welcome to our Press Office. On this page, you will find upcoming press and media releases related to how Impala Bolt & Nut is continuously adding value to the markets we serve through high quality fastener solutions.


Locally Produced Fasteners for the South African Automotive Industry

The South African Automotive Industry is growing and along with the increase in automotive production, the need for high quality fasteners has increased too.

Our complement of quality manufactured products encompasses an extensive range of standard and specialised bolts, nuts and washers, all locally produced and suitable for automotive applications.

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Automotive Quality

Impala Bolt & Nut is extremely proud to have recently been audited and approved to supply some of the country’s top auto manufacturing and supply companies for local and export applications.

This approval demonstrates that our operations meet all compliance requirements and is based on a thorough consideration of sustainability issues.

By having an effective, well managed quality management system in place, Impala Bolt & Nut can assure customers of local manufacturing capabilities to world-class standards.

Latest Technology

Impala Bolt & Nut is pleased to announce the addition of new optical equipment to our manufacturing and testing capabilities as part of our ongoing quality improvement plan.

  • The advantage: enhanced visual and precision measurement abilities
  • The outcome: better quality control and more efficient testing system

In this way, we’re committed to staying ahead of the industry and meeting client demands for high quality.