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Impala Bolt & Nuts has been audited and approved as one of the top suppliers of commercial nuts and bolts and tapping screws.
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Commercial Bolts & Nuts

Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of commercial nuts and bolts for various applications


Hexagon Head Set Screw (fully threaded) DIN 558
Cup Square Bolts and Nuts DIN 603/555 SABS 1143
Countersunk Flat Nib Bolts and Nuts DIN 604/555 SABS 1143
Countersunk Square Neck Bolts DIN 605/555 SABS 1355
Hexagon Nuts DIN 555
Hexagon Bolts and Nuts DIN 601/555, ISO 4016/4034, SABS 135
Locknuts DIN 439
Flange Bolts DIN 6921
Tek Screws DIN 7504
Pan Pozi Self Tapping Screws DIN 7981
CSK Pozi Self Tapping Screws DIN 7982
Slotted Flat Head Machine Screws DIN 963
CSK Pozi Machine Screws DIN 965